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Teressena brings a fresh, vibrant approach to her work that inspires and uplifts the viewer. Rich in color and texture, her art invites the viewer to experience the depth of their own inner landscape, evoking a remembrance of their own inner wisdom.


“Creativity is the inward journey of the soul and the outward expression of the sacred. It allows us to merge our human and divine self , adding our light and color to the universal dream; weaving threads of beauty in the cosmic web of life.”


Teressena’s abstract paintings are energetic expressions asking the viewer to venture into the unknown. Layered with paint and texture they have a multi-dimensional feel, creating visual portals to explore.

Her collage paintings are inspired by myth and archetypes that reflect the sacred and provoke a primordial remembrance from deep in our subconscious.

Inspired by dreams and visions, Teressena’s color pencil drawings are rich in symbolism and imagery. They speak the language of the soul and summon the viewer to the realm of the sacred.

She also creates Mandalas for individuals, attuning to their spirit guides and totems. Each piece a magical, mystical creation.

Inspired by the artistry of indigenous weavers and connecting with the Celestial Grandmothers, who weave our dreams and destinies among the stars, Teressena creates her weavings as active meditation, holding a specific intention while she weaves. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation made from natural fibers and materials.

Bringing your vision to life

Commissioned art

When you have a special place for a piece of sacred art, desire a spirit mandala created specifically for you, or wish to have a altar cloth woven with your colors and intent in mind, contact Teressena to discuss the possibility.

Teressena, painter Mandala for Amara Weaver
Teressena – Artist & Author

Visionary Creatrix

Teressena has a varied and rich career in art and design that includes owning her own design business, working as an art consultant for some of the top 100 archtectural and interior design firms, serving as a corporate art director and as an agency designer. A magical experience on a journe to the Mayan lands in 1998 transformed her life and her art, creating the pathway for the visionary creatrix she is today.

In addition to her exhibition work, Teressena is the co-creator and illustrator of The Fifth Tarot and the author of Peace Moon: A Woman’s Journey to the Sacred and Teachings of the Serpent: Awakening to Infinite Light and Wisdom. She has written and illustrated several children’s books as well.

Gallery Glimpse

Following is a glimpse of the art you will see in the porfolios.

Teressena is also represented by Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach, CA.

Energy Paintings

Shamanic Portals

Zen Paintings

Goddess Art

Sacred Art

Intentional Weavings

Poetry & Paintings

by Teressena

Day dreams float in formless fantasy, carried on clouds of carefree imaginings. Whispers in the wind, ripples in waves, stirring and quickening in the ocean of concsiousness. Ebb and flow, the warp and weft of tides, weaving dreams in the fabric of my mind. Horizon’s hand extends the invitation, infinite possibilities await manifestation. Formless takes form as sea and sky kiss in the vast unfolding of creation.
Welcome Ancestors
Welcome Ancestors wisdom keepers of the ages whose voices whisper in the desert wind, whose songs surround me in the landscape of waking dreams. Welcome Ancestors grandmothers and grandfathers whose stories are told in cavernous volumes of limestone pages, whose walls of wordless wisdom speak a primal language of tribal truth. Welcome Ancestors forgotten artists of stone whose strokes of crimson and ochre live and dance still at the fire of my heart, whose visions are painted in peculiar petroglyphs on canyon canvases stretched over time. Welcome Ancestors those who have come before whose legacy lingers in libraries of stone whose spirits emerge in new expressions of those who are yet to come.
Between the Veils

Neither here nor there, in fact, no-where beyond time and space the in-between place Where magic resides and mystery abides. Seldom seen this place in-between A whisper, a song A glimpse, then its gone. Yet we feel Know its real. Slip into the stream where we dance with our dreams where possibilities play and visions display colors and music familiar, yet unknown. Between the veils new realms revealed For those with eyes to see.

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