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Carisso Plains wildflower medley

Welcome to Belight Photography

We aim to assist and let your light shine

Carisso Plains wildflower medley

From the beginning of the new year set your path to smell the wild-flowers

Look at C-Within the magazine for more images shot during a super collaboration with emergent souls. We thank all who worked and played to bring this forth and wish all a grand new year!

You can also peruse the portfolios on this page showing you some of our work, we will continue to enhance the content so there will be more info in the blogs for learning and enhancing your images. I have been a part of some peer reviewed sites like Gurushots now for a while and however it seems it at times is like stroking our own feathers it does give us a look at which images work for us.

I have also included links to Sony and Frank Doorhof an internationally photographer and educator and one of the links will send you to his video pages where you can access most of his teaching content. The one on lighting is on my to do list. Also please take a look at his portfolios as his use of light is out of this world.

The links to Macphun and Aurora pass on the fun and light I derived from working with some intuitive and very expansive tools for working with your images. Soon Macphun will shift into Skylum and the change is already well on it’s way, making the tools accessible on PC as well as Mac platform. Check it out!

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