Visionary Art Paintings & Collage

Life in Balance Life in Balance
Square Root of Tai Chi Square Root of Tai Chi
Zen Landscape I Zen Landscape I
Zen Landscape II Zen Landscape II
Tranquil Moon Tranquil Moon
Buddha Bliss Buddha Bliss
Breaking Open Breaking Open
Symmetry Symmetry
Matrix of Light Matrix of Light
Enso Enso
Threads of Time Threads of Time
Between the Veils Between the Veils
Still Waters Run Deep Still Waters Run Deep
Drifting Clouds & Sand Drifting Clouds & Sand
Inspiration Inspiration
Dolphin Stream Dolphin Stream
The Wave The Wave
Thunderbird Thunderbird
Kundalini Rising Kundalini Rising
Dragonfly Dragonfly
Social Lights Social Lights
Kimono Nouveau Kimono Nouveau
Bathing Beauty Bathing Beauty
Earth Ancestors I Earth Ancestors I
Earth Ancestors II Earth Ancestors II

Teressena’s abstract paintings are energetic expressions into the unknown, creating visual portals to explore. Her collages are inspired by sacred myth and archetypes provoking a primordial remembrance from deep in our subconscious. Layered with paint and texture both styles invite an expanded vision into the multi-dimensional and mystical.